Relationship between the skin and diabetes


Itchy skin is one of the symptoms of the early onset of diabetes, diabetic patients with skin diseases or skin infections are common, some patients even when viewed in dermatology skin infections, to know people with diabetes. Early diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels have been higher than normal skin tissue sugar content is high, easy to breed bacteria and fungi infection, the most common is folliculitis. Because glucose metabolism disorders, neurological disorders, sympathetic nerve activity, sweat gland abnormalities, diabetes moist skin, sweating, sweating at every turn. This may be a precursor to neuropathy, a complication of diabetes, the patient should be given adequate attention. There are limbs numb skin burning sensation, it was pain in the limbs, when wearing clothes and tuck the pain worse. Long-term high blood sugar can cause neurological complications, but some patients still do not know paresthesia after they have diabetes. Diabetes body resistance is weak, skin prone to infection. Some patients president of blisters on the skin, which has a transparent slurry, and more appear on the hands and feet. Although you can heal the blisters weeks, but will be repeated.

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