Hair care in the autumn


In the autumn, when the hair sebum relatively small, frequent shampooing will make little fat scalp, can not protect the scalp, to prevent dust and other dirt on the hair follicle damage, although the scalp sebum often let our hair becomes too sticky, but we can not deny that it is a good protection barrier film to protect our hair. Also, wash your hair will stimulate our scalp and hair follicles, often the case, it will cause hair loss and other problems. Generally recommended 2-3 days to wash a head. Relatively dry autumn hair frizz, not easy to comb, so too much hair, making the hair cuticle is damaged, making hair dull and becomes rough. And hair using a comb to clean clean, otherwise dirt will adhere to comb the hair, the hair is not conducive to health, in addition, the material should also be carefully comb choice. When blowing hair, hot air will destroy the hair tissue, damage the scalp. After washing the hair first with a dry towel to dry wet hair, do not use a hair dryer blowing the whole hair immediately. Must use a dry towel with water squeezed light pressure way, we can use a hair dryer, use a hair dryer to shorten the time and distance between the hair dryer take away some of the best, the best in 15cm-17cm.

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