The relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes


Periodontal disease is associated with many chronic diseases have, such as diabetes. Diabetes and periodontal disease have several common characteristics: First, the incidence of occult, often unknowingly; Second, a longer duration than when found bleeding gums, loose teeth, or blood glucose was significantly elevated, the disease has appeared very for a long time; third is to standardize the treatment process, the need to spend a lot of time, effort; four are undergoing maintenance treatment of patients while both emphasize self-management, regular review.
Clinical research on the relationship between tooth loss and diabetes show that: periodontal disease and diabetes are associated with inflammatory cytokines, the two can reinforce each other and influence each other. Prolonged untreated periodontal lesions of bacteria and viruses with the blood circulation throughout the body, causing microcirculation, causing or aggravating local infection, leading to fluctuations in blood sugar control difficult. Immunity and anti-caries capacity will be significantly decreased in patients with diabetes, can cause damage to the ecological balance of the mouth, periodontal easier attachment of bacteria, plaque, periodontal hard and soft tissue damage, there gingivitis, periodontitis. Meanwhile, because endocrine disorders, especially insulin secretion disorders can seriously reduce the body’s resistance and repair capacity, so prone to periodontal tissue inflammation or worsening of inflammatory damage. Therefore, patients with diabetes is definitely susceptible periodontal disease and high-risk population.

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