The correct method of running


As a step aerobic exercise, exercise is a prerequisite not injured. In response, Huang Guangmin recommendations runners usually do some lower extremity strength training, as squatting movement, jumping stairs, etc., help to increase lower limb muscle strength, avoid running in lower limb muscle strain; in the park, the district where the treadmill, observe the site, avoid accidents; prepare adequate water running, best salt and sugar. Before running should do some warm-up exercises, such as chest movement, limbs joints, Do not arbitrarily shift in the running, maintain uniform. Not run feeling tired, not a tired to bend beneath, you should insist on a few minutes, the limit period passed quickly, this can increase the treadmill exercise time. After the run, do not immediately sit down, they would go jogging a few minutes to help the transition from sports to the rest state to state. In addition, Huang Guangmin reminder, within an hour after a meal and at bedtime for one hour, not running exercise.

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