How to relieve stomach pain after drinking


Drinking too much time, you can drink some warm water to ease, after drinking wine can drink some water, you can dilute ethanol, ethanol body through urination can be discharged, and then drink some juice drinks, best Do not drink. Taking the right amount of sugar water can dilute the concentration of alcohol in the stomach, reducing the absorption of alcohol. After the blood glucose concentration increases the absorption of sugar, reducing the concentration of alcohol in the blood, so that the alcohol in the body to speed up metabolism and discharge to achieve the purpose of hangover hangover. In addition, oral salt water, can also be reached dilute stomach and reduce the role of alcohol in the blood alcohol concentration. You can drink some milk when very uncomfortable stomach after drinking to relieve stomach pain, and can eat light foods, such as vegetables. A man in the stomach discomfort after eating some fruit drink is a very good choice, if there is the feeling of nausea after drinking, may wish to eat some fresh grapes, this is because the fresh grapes rich in tartaric acid, can interact with alcohol to form esters of ethanol substances, reducing the concentration of ethanol in vivo, to achieve the purpose of hangover. Meanwhile, the grapes sour taste drink can effectively alleviate nausea, nausea symptoms. If the grapes before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

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