Older people eat peanuts health benefits


Elderly gingival recession, likely to cause loose teeth, teeth longer or even fall off. This is the gingival recession, alveolar delivery of nutrients is reduced, resulting in the formation of alveolar bone atrophy shorter, oral medicine called resorption phenomenon, eat pumpkin seeds can change this phenomenon. Pumpkin seed kernels are rich in gingival and alveolar bone is very important for the two categories of nutrients. One contains a lot of phosphorus, Kernan seed kernels per 100 mg of phosphorus 1159, the elderly and phosphorus loss of alveolar bone atrophy related. The second is rich in carotene and vitamin E, both of which can directly nourish the gums, prevent gum recession. Best to eat pumpkin seeds ground into a powder, a little to eat about 30 grams a day, the better. In addition, pumpkin seeds or potassium-rich foods, potassium-rich foods can help you stretch your leg muscles and prevent leg cramps, help protect the legs. Pistachios are also very rich in potassium content is four times more than bananas. Almond nuts are common life, recent research found that adding high-fat diet in some people heart-shaped sweet almond, 30 days later, blood low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels will be significantly reduced, this is mainly due to the almonds contain more unsaturated fatty acids (nearly 50%) and vitamin E, these substances have lipid-lowering effect. On the other hand, a high (about 17%) almond dietary fiber content of the body’s fat metabolism and promote. Add in the diet of some seasonal almonds, but also improve the vitality of the body of some enzymes, the body free radical scavenging capacity enhancement, anti-aging.

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