Attention to male hair loss


With the accelerated pace of life and the changing lifestyle, increasing number of people who use computers, inadvertently let the hair slowly “aging.” Long-term Internet and playing games, it is easy to fatigue, long-term state of tension in the central nervous system, autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction dysfunction, scalp local vasoconstriction in the blood supply reduced, resulting in hair follicle malnutrition. Experts also found that sleep duration was no significant relationship with the hair, but hair loss may be related to the quality of sleep, sleep at night time, sooner or later, and hair loss. Often burn the midnight oil to sleep late man, often insomnia, no napping habits of people is also easy to hair loss. Long-term stress, anxiety, fatigue makes worse sleep quality, increased hair loss. Thus improving the living habits, stay relaxed state of mind, improve sleep quality help improve hair loss condition.

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