Why do men big belly


Alcohol metabolism process will release a lot of heat, but the heat priority, so eat other food calories while becoming redundant and converted to fat. After alcohol metabolism to produce acetic acid, acetic acid through a series of metabolic, or can be synthesized fat! (Excess heat, then about 3% -5% of the final ethanol will be converted into fat). Young people “beer belly”, often because of excess nutrients; For middle-aged people, the sleep quality is the main reason. With age, men of deep sleep stages reduced due to the poor quality of sleep, hormone secretion will be reduced, the lack of hormones and increased body fat accumulation in the abdomen, and the older the more obvious influence. Many middle-aged man sitting in the office for a long time, lack of exercise, likely to cause abdominal fat accumulation. In the big pressure, many people will be eating too much, leading to indigestion, which could easily lead to overweight. Some people think “heart wide-body fat,” fat is carefree performance. Most men after marriage, body fat quickly. Obesity (especially hip waist circumference greater than “apple-shaped” obesity) are prone to insulin resistance. This fat cells increase in size, the relative reduction receptors, the decreased insulin sensitivity. Apple shaped people saving too much visceral fat (ie, apple-shaped obesity), it will cause excess fat, this applies to store fat in the meal, there is no place, so that overflows the blood fat, fat is prone to high school illness. Another visceral obesity will accelerate the process of atherosclerosis.

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