Pumpkin can be beauty


100 Kernan melon in the water content of about 76 grams, the data show that fresh pumpkin in a moisture content of about 76.2%, is very healthy vegetables. Plus pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber, for weight loss crowd is also very good food. Autumn is the dry season, when the laryngeal mucosa, nasal mucosa is represented by the body’s first line of defense, the defense can be good bacteria and viruses, and once dry will not be able to play a good mucosal immune effect, people vulnerable to cold . Pumpkin is rich in β- carotene per 100 Kernan melon contains about 4000 micrograms β- carotene. Meanwhile, the pumpkin is also rich in vitamin B6, which is to improve the immune protein activity, strengthen the immune protein metabolism indispensable nutrients.

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