Kettlebell fitness method


Many fitness enthusiasts who want to practice the muscles will choose to use dumbbells exercise, because dumbbells compact and lightweight, anytime, anywhere to practice. In fact, kettlebells have the same benefits, and also got the muscle tissue usually do not use. When fitness workout with kettlebells, you can do all kinds of pushing, lifting, carrying, throwing and jumping squats and other exercises that can effectively enhance the upper limbs, trunk and lower extremities, such as muscle strength through exercise. Bell with a single pot or both hands in front of the body with the power to be thrown from the hips (not sell), and then let the bell maker naturally after party body to the crotch. This trick can exercise the buttocks explosive, very useful when the pushing and shoving and prevention wrestle! You can try right-hand man 30, each doing three groups. If you feel relaxed, you can add weight. Hold the kettlebell with both hands on both sides of the handle, forced kettlebell lifting arm straight up, pay attention to slow down the whole process of lifting, repeated five times. Hold the kettlebell handle with both hands, palm relative, it is close to the chest and shoulder high; were squat, sinking as low as possible; arms straight, the kettlebell straight to the front of the body to launch the kettlebell back up to the shoulder position, so repeated training.

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