Cardiovascular patients can do what sports


Exercise can improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, better adjuvant treatment of many diseases. However, different diseases with different sports to be, there are media reports, hypertensive patients suitable for walking, cycling, swimming and other sports, but they have heart disease, depending on cardiac function, select qigong, walking, jogging, tai chi other sports. In the treatment of hypertension, lifestyle intervention is more important than drug therapy, exercise is one important way. It is reported that hypertensive patients suitable for walking, cycling, swimming and other sports. Because these sports are dynamically isotonic sports, through the repeated contraction of muscles, causing relaxation and contraction of blood vessels, promote blood pressure. Among them, the swimming compare burn calories, every 20 minutes butterfly swimming can consume 470 kilocalories, for patients with obesity more effective. Exercise areas, should be about 50% of cardiac load is appropriate, when that motion pulse maintained at 110 beats / minute. Day 1, every 30 to 60 minutes, to avoid participating in competitive or violent nature of the sport. Healthy people to improve heart function, you can choose a larger amount of exercise, but patients already suffering from heart disease will have to be cautious, cardiac function should be based on the extent of damage to choose forms of exercise and physical activity. In general, patients with mild heart attack a secondary cardiac dysfunction may engage in walking, jogging, tai chi and other sports, exercise pulse limit at about 104 to 120 times per minute. Chinese scholars advocate, tai chi exercise in the elderly patients, and pay attention to calm the mind, body loose, gas and perseverance help recovery from disease. The frequent angina patients not suitable for sports activities, first with the rest mainly, may be appropriate to do qigong and other minor activities, such as in a stable condition after, in principle, not to increase the number of heartbeats for the degree.aipxtk.net_n88989

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    Prolonged stress increases your chances of heart attack, diabetes, hair loss, depression–and gum disease.

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