Men’s skin care method


Man has always been simple cleansing, some people choose to use cold water directly, so you can feel refreshing, awaken the skin; while others feel the skin too greasy, but like to use hot water to wash your face, that in order to completely dissolve the oil. In fact, these methods have not desirable that the face with cold water wash can not dissolve excess oil, still feel dirty after washing is not fresh. The hot water will go over the oil, making the skin oil unevenly, resulting in peeling after washing. Should be used and the body temperature is close to the warm water, so that both can completely remove oil, but who does not lead to uneven. After a lot of men like to face with a towel to wipe her face hard, in fact, this is wrong, because the skin after washing with warm water, itself more relaxed, if excessive, then rub the face, prone to facial wrinkles. Many beauty of women tend to choose dry naturally after washing, or residual moisture with a tissue to dry, usually men do not have such patience to do this, you can choose to use a soft cotton towel covering the face, palms pressed to absorb excess moisture . Men are generally less after washing lotion, if troublesome, covering the face with a cold towel siphoning off excess water, so you can play a shrink pores purposes, and awaken the skin.

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