Summer is not suitable to practice hot yoga


Yoga has become a favorite warm people to lose weight. Hot yoga for weight loss, detoxification, body sculpture has a good effect, is the more popular and innovative practice methods. Some people eager to lose weight that Bikram Yoga is good effect, they went into a yoga studio and asked if there is hot yoga, do not give up if you choose, the result nothing. Reporters learned that members of the public into a misunderstanding, hot summer weather, all of the yoga studio will be closed for Bikram Yoga Project. Hot yoga for good health, there is no risk of serious illness or sick people, people who want to lose weight detox. Heart disease, high blood pressure, severe eye and ear diseases, diabetes, recovering from illness, maternity, sub-health people are not fit to practice. If people frequented the gym, focus on exercise, the more acceptable. If you rarely exercise, you can first Trials to see if the body can accept. Once excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain and other symptoms, to stop the practice immediately, out ventilation. If symptoms do not improve after still tried several times, indicating that the public body is not suitable for this yoga system is recommended to choose other ways. In addition, to bring a towel and water during practice. Do not take a bath immediately after exercise, such as dry sweat pores shrink after washing, more conducive to the removal of toxins.

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