Shampoo formulations table


Department of acetic acid: for frizz hair. Recipe table Keywords: sodium laureth -3 acetate, chlorhexidine acetate-hexane (chlorhexidine) and the like. Such features are rich shampoo bubble, but decontamination, cleaning power slightly worse, due to a weak acid, on the scalp to stimulate small, can interact with the charge on the hair, so the hair does not frizz maintain smooth. Amino acid-based: for dry hair. Recipe table Keywords: lauroyl glutamate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate acid and so on. Such shampoo has a natural acidic, detergency slightly lower, but also because of the hair and scalp for a weak acid, thus irritating small, strong moisturizing ability. Shampoo hair salon used almost entirely to the department, is conducive to the maintenance of the scalp and hair, but the cost is higher. Betaine: suitable for sensitive skin. Recipe table Keywords: sodium cocoyl glutamate, cocamidopropyl betaine. These ingredients extracted from sugar beet and more, it is less irritating than the amino acid-based shampoo, and moisturizing effect is also better for people with sensitive skin to use, but also beneficial to repair damaged hair. Protein-based: for damaged hair. Recipe table Keywords: hydrolyzed collagen, milk and so on. Such shampoos containing mainly milk proteins such as collagen components. Foam less, the most expensive, but very nourishing hair damaged Hair protein can repair.

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