How jeans cleaning and maintenance


Buy a new pair of jeans, do not wash it so casually, use a spoon (about 10G) salt into the cold water, soak for 10 hours before the jeans, wash fade after situations will be greatly reduced. You can also use white vinegar and water 1:20 jeans soak for 20-30 minutes, also has a lock-color effect. When you want to wash jeans over and wash the inside, so it is easier to Jingxi. Do not vigorously scrub jeans, wash when the first soak for 10 minutes, then gently press, do not use a brush jeans. Etc. After the dirty water out, then clear water rinse 3-4 times to repeat it. Dark and light wash jeans must be separated, a few different colors of pants together, will result in cross-dyed color, so it is best to wash jeans every individual. No matter how dirty jeans, not in order to be able to wash with hot water and clean point, wash jeans are the best water temperature below 20 degrees Celsius, with hot water, then it is doomed to buy a new cow. Do not think the sun shines out to put the jeans drying, direct sunlight will cause severe oxidative bleaching phenomenon.

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