Beware of using a humidifier in winter stained pneumonia


With the changing of people’s living environment, caused by a humidifier hypersensitivity pneumonitis also increased. This is because the humidifier flying out of fungi, bacteria and other constantly being sucked humans, even small amounts of inhaled daily, with the increase in the incidence of accumulated amount will appear chills, fever, suffocation and other symptoms. Lead to the onset of bacterial pneumonia humidifier no specific species, in addition to fungi, protozoa and other possibilities are great breeding, these substances led to the outbreak of pneumonia humidifier. Therefore, to the hospital with a humidifier is best to go to doctors to judge, master of the disease more helpful. Want to prevent pneumonia humidifier, humidifier, of course, is not the most fundamental way, but if you can not live without a humidifier, we should pay special attention to regular cleaning and disinfecting humidifier. Pay attention to the humidifier water changed daily to prevent mold growth, but also from time to time would open the humidifier clean, do not give eggs, mold growth opportunity. Often use a humidifier if the crowd did not feel any discomfort out, but there will be a home state of deterioration and the same symptoms as the common cold, then we would suspect suffering from pneumonia humidifier. Do not simply think he is a little cold, regardless of whether it is required. Further, since the humidifier pneumonia is an allergic reaction, should be used in the treatment of steroid drugs.

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