Bag of desiccant packaging recycling


Snacks, the drugs that often have a desiccant bag, do not look at it only a small one package, used to carelessly throw away. In many places in life, it can play a big role. Put the bag of desiccant in the presence of personal files, passports and other documents bag or drawer, you can prevent them from moisture. The desiccant and albums, tapes, CDs together, or will the desiccant bag stuffed behind hanging pictures, you can prevent them from moisture, deformation. In the vicinity of cameras, computers, mobile phones and other electronic products to put a bag of desiccant can absorb moisture and prevent lens fogging and change the screen due to spend, reducing the chances of aging circuit rusty. If mobile phones flooded, do not immediately start, should removable battery, memory card, etc. to win, all put desiccant, a day after the basic water will be sucked away. Put in a jewelry box bag of desiccant, delay silver oxide to maintain its gloss. Put a few packs of desiccant on the car dashboard, especially when the air is more humid, help reduce fog glass.

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