Headset worn for 1 hours, the propagation of bacteria 5 times


Headset is breeding ground for bacteria, once put on headphones, ear difficult air circulation, temperature will rise, bacterial ear rapid propagation of surface will therefore not conducive to a healthy ear. Headphones long time without cleaning will adhere many bacteria, do not underestimate these bacteria, although we did not always feel that for a long time to clean the headset is also not much effect on the body, but it is individual. When the body resistance is good, they will not make people sick, if an individual defenses are weakened, they will make people sick. So, for their own health, or to a regular pair of headphones and other personal items were cleaned and disinfected; And his headphones is to give their own use, not for others to use, so as not to generate more bacteria. As for the cleaning methods, the official said, the people available good quality disinfectant wipes can also be used a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, according to the headphone quality disinfection method to select the specific operation.

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