What reasons can cause insomnia


We often think we can to make up for lost sleep by going to bed early the next night, but the ability to regulate healthy sleep mode clock is based on a strict schedule to keep on top of. We stay up late on the weekend, hoping to make up sleeping in the next time, or the time to make up for the weekend this week lack of sleep. Both practices have upset the rhythm of the body, especially late at night weekend is likely to cause the next working day insomnia. Get to bed on time every day, even on weekends is no exception. If you want to have healthy sleep habits, this is the most important. Our body because of the law of life and comfort, and a sleep habits remain unchanged for the circadian clock in good time, but also enhance it. Will be conducive to sleep or wake up every day to maintain a constant rhythm sleep at the same time, while sleeping or awake alert the brain to release hormones at a specific time. Daytime sleep too long, especially after four in the afternoon, when you watch TV at night, even a few simple Jizhuo Mi-style nap can ruin your good night’s sleep and a rhythm to let you sleep at night diem say Goodbye. If the rest is absolutely necessary, then you have to determine once and only one day to four in the afternoon before. Typically, short rest does not affect, in fact, after lunch or 20 minutes or half an hour lunch break, just four points before, most people are still useful. Expect full operational status of the transfer of the body from a complete standstill and no deceleration buffer, which is unrealistic. Our body needs time to manufacture so-called neurotransmitters cable to send feedback signals to the brain’s sleep center, the brain will secrete hormones to make you sleep nap feeling. Create an artificial “electrical sunset” after 22 o’clock, do not sit in front of the computer (TV) screen, and turn off all electrical appliances. These things greatly stimulate the brain, make you a very long period of time to stay awake. Of course, you have to prepare a bed. In one hour before you go to sleep, dimming the brightness of the lamp first, a hot bath, listen to some very quiet music, do some restorative yoga or relaxation of action. Let your physical and mental are ready to sleep is necessary. Everything to stop you to let you sleep distractions (physically or psychologically) all away.


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