Brightly colored packets may lead exceeded buy with caution


Artificial leather, there is the problem of excessive lead in vinyl material and a variety of different plastics. Lead not only detrimental to children’s neurological development, will be deposited in the adult bone and adipose tissue, leading to Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, hypertension and kidney failure, and other serious illnesses. In order to protect the health, away from lead contamination, Margulies asked the following “buy package proposal”: try not to buy a bag of red and yellow. Lead is a stabilizing agent, can maintain bright colors, do not fade. In particular, the bright yellow and red packet Pb contained therein may be more. Black and brown are relatively safe, lead content is not too high. 2 Try to buy leather or canvas bag. Vinyl and polyurethane and other alternative leather high levels of lead in plastics, leather or canvas bag while generally less lead, the time of purchase to a regular store or brand outlets.

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