Hypertensive patients how to properly deal with epistaxis


Hypertension patients have varying degrees of hardening of blood vessels, the blood vessel wall is very brittle, when a sudden increase in blood pressure, blood can break through nasal bleeding. Difficult to stop nasal bleeding in patients with hypertension, and may be very large amount of bleeding, the patient must remain calm, do not panic, because the mood swings to avoid higher blood pressure. Nose bleeding occurs, the patient should be taken semi-sitting position, head forward and not backwards. Patients can use your fingers to pinch their nose on both sides, use mouth breathing. Be sure to meet local cold, such as the nose with a towel dipped in ice water spreads at 2 to 3 minutes to change a towel; also fitted with a towel wrapped ice bags, spreads in the forehead and bridge of the nose. When cold and oppression nose does not work, you can use nasal packing method hemostasis, the specific method is: with a clean cotton cloth or absorbent paper rolls and other good stuffed nose, you can plug borne some. You can also drop some ephedrine nasal drops on the nasal packing material, can play a role in strengthening the local hemostasis. When nasal bleeding stops, do not rush to remove the stuffing inside the nasal cavity, it should be observed from 4 to 6 hours, as indeed no bleeding before removing the stuffing lightly. If the conditions in the event of nose bleeding when it is best to look at the amount of blood pressure, elevated blood pressure if it is caused by nasal bleeding, blood pressure should be taking antihypertensive drugs in order to be able to quickly stop the bleeding. If these methods are not able to stop a nosebleed, should immediately go to hospital for treatment, to avoid delaying the timing of treatment and danger.

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