You still continue to work at home are more likely to get sick


Come home from work just relax and rest, because a new study found, even if just go home after checking work emails, may lead to insomnia, anxiety, headache and a series of health problems. Analysis found that the intelligent mobile phone, nine people into the workplace can send and receive mail, and 1/3 people every day more than sending and receiving e-mail via mobile phone 20 times, more than half of the respondents had at work time outside of work, they are more prone to problems of insomnia, headache, fatigue, anxiety and stomach. The researchers said, the progress of technology has brought about a “always on” state, the affected people whenever and wherever possible to work. Even a small amount of overtime, also can lead to health problems, the relevance of very strong.” She urged the government to develop protection policies more stringent, to prevent the work “invasion” of people’s family life. At the same time, owners should consider how to minimize overtime of employees. The boss should take the lead in efforts to change this bad culture existing.

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