Indiscriminate use skin care products may cause of senile plaque


Young, but a long face, “age spots”, which is not necessarily the aging performance, most likely reason for the indiscriminate use of cosmetics pound. Young long spot and ultraviolet radiation as well as chemical, physical and other adverse stimuli. Most people never to consult a dermatologist to buy cosmetics direct, if not for their skin, or buy counterfeit products, it is easy to cause age spots, dermatitis. Long-term use of lead, mercury and other metal components of many cosmetics, but also easy to cause stains. Suggest that you be sure to let the doctor help themselves determine what type of skin and for skin care products. If the length of the spot also do not panic, we must first adjust the attitude, optimistic, work and rest; secondly, to proper eating diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants in foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts so slowly to slow plaque growth; Finally, avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to spot the development of solar keratoses.

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