Yawning can make the brain more sober


If you’re in a boring meeting or a networking party, may feel sleepy again and, this time yawn can help your brain to quickly return to a sober state. It is a comfortable space with a suitable temperature most likely to yawn, this move can help the brain maintain a comfortable temperature in the environment and in an ideal state of dynamic equilibrium. Yawning will only appear in the comfort temperature range. The experimental test winter and summer people yawning frequency. Allow pedestrians to observe a series of pictures of people yawning, and then record the number of times they yawn. It was found that the number of people yawning in the winter than the summer. The results show that yawning with the season and time does not matter, and people living under the most suitable environment and thus most vulnerable to infection yawn. Under certain circumstances yawning can make people more conscious of the brain, and when the temperature is suitable or people in a comfortable environment, no anxiety, yawning is a physiological phenomenon when fear and other emotions, and without any function.

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