Teach you pick the right toothbrush


Brushing purpose is to clean the teeth, and the main tool is brushing toothbrush, brush your teeth first to choose the right toothbrush. How to choose the right toothbrush is a science, buy a toothbrush should be noted the following questions:
When you buy a toothbrush, first look at the brush size. Generally slightly smaller brush, to ensure that it can be flexibly rotated in the oral cavity. Children’s oral small, would need a smaller brush. Overall, the brush size according to each case may be, need comprehensive consideration the size of the oral cavity, mouth level and personal habits. And there is no uniform standard. “Dentists recommend adult toothbrush should be: head length 2.54-3.18 cm and a width of 0.79-0.95 cm; bristles 2-4 rows, each row of beams 5-12 However, adults can also choose to brush 2.3 cm long, 0.8 cm wide children’s toothbrush.
Secondly, look soft and hard bristles. To select the hard and soft bristles moderate, or slightly soft. But beware, too soft hair brush is not easy to clean. Previous brush with pig bristles are made of very hard, easy to damage the teeth and gums, has been basically eliminated; currently made of nylon bristles and more. Specifically, can be divided into two – wire and common Dubang Si. Dubang Si better flexibility, not easy to fall.
Third, sanding is very important. After cutting the bristles, if not through the smooth handling, sharp and too vulnerable to damage. The brush Tippy sanding rounded toothbrush to prevent such injuries, the protective effect of a stronger gums.
Meanwhile, doctors remind you that the best toothbrush once every three months to replace. Time is too long, the accumulation of bacteria bristles adverse oral health. Do not use Dubang Si bristles because people did not fall without replacing the toothbrush bristles.
In addition, a square or diamond-shaped brush bristles flush with the upper edge or wavy, curved brush handle is straight, what impact did for brushing effect. Brushing with a toothbrush shank most common on the good.
Electric toothbrushes suitable special populations
Since landing in China electric toothbrush market, its convenient, labor-saving features, and gradually people of all ages.
Electric toothbrush is divided into two, namely ordinary electric toothbrush and sonic toothbrush vibrate. The elderly, children and people with disabilities or physical activity is recommended to use an ordinary electric toothbrush. However, the efficacy of this type of toothbrush should not be too superstitious, as long as the correct method of brushing, ordinary manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes equally easy to use. Relatively speaking, the sonic toothbrush vibrate stronger health effects, it can sound waves to the teeth by residual food out, this effect massage, Tornado type, precursor type …… face an array of toothbrushes on supermarket shelves, many people have this question: “propaganda toothbrush say each word its own unique effect, exactly what best suits your toothbrush?” In this regard, the dentist said: small brush bristles moderate hardness, after sanding process Toothbrush care works best.
Brush your teeth with interdental brush seam
A total of five tooth surfaces, the outer side, the side and bottom brush up easier, but the opposite and adjacent tooth brush to both surfaces is difficult, requires the use of some auxiliary tools – interdental brush or floss. If larger teeth, tooth brush between available. This is a similar bottle brush, small brush, brush with a fine nylon filament winding is made of stainless steel wire, can be inserted into the teeth to remove residual food.
If the smaller teeth, you should not use interdental brush, shoehorn into damage the gums, then you need to use dental floss.


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