Acute gingivitis can use cactus pain


Acute gingivitis symptoms: swollen gums, lymphatic swelling, pain far more than a toothache caused by dental caries and periodontitis, usually accompanied by thick yellow tongue, mouth pain, fever, constipation or stool is not smooth and other systemic symptoms. At this point absolutely not to take metronidazole file containing ingredient (metronidazole for filing in the first periodontitis caused by anaerobic bacteria brief remission), not only the drug is not for the disease, but also a great side. Neuropathic pain symptoms: sore point is not obvious, a mouthful of teeth was radioactive pains, hard bite, pain actually slowed. A bit like acute periodontitis toothache, gum swelling there, but the hand is pressed no pain, loose teeth, children significantly. Folk valid prescription dry oysters, bacon, stewed porridge to eat the skin once, the effect can be. The effects of the drug is 10 Cordyceps stewed meat soup, analgesic effect was immediate. Tong Ren Tang production ZDP taking effect good. Take a slice of fresh cactus hypertrophy, washed with water, cut surface of acupuncture, and then the Generative same two pieces of thick, pulp side of the tape posted on the site of pain on his face, after a period of time, the symptoms can be alleviated .

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