Eat slowly helps keep the body


With a food component, obese men with 8 to 10 minutes to finish, while the weight loss but with a 13 to 16 minutes. They thus consider ways to slow down the speed of eating to lose weight test, and ultimately achieved good results.
Slowly we eat will greatly reduce the speed, while reducing the speed of eating means we can eat some meals. Eating fast (accounting for 40% of total) Average BMI23.5; eat fast enough not to slow (accounting for 45% of total) Average BMI22.4; eat slow (accounting for 15% of total) Average BMI21.6. From this result we can see, the speed and degree of obesity of eating rate showed some correlation. Chew extended by dinner time, you can make a small amount of food people get a sense of satiety, to obtain the effect of reducing food intake to prevent obesity.

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