Dinner eat only fruit not lose weight


Eat fruits are particularly vulnerable to hunger. Although dietary fiber fruits, but the fructose content is very high, relative to the same calorie starchy foods, fructose absorbed much faster, the body into the liver, is very easily converted into fat, is not conducive to weight loss and will soon feel hungry , it will eat uncontrollably hungry for more, but easier to gain weight. Therefore, we do not recommend eating fruits evening meal. Fruits low energy, you can eat, but eat more fruits, energy will exceed the normal diet, eat more than the normal energy. Now some people say summer evenings to eat eat half a watermelon, but half a watermelon and ate dinner energy higher than normal mix of fruit meal nutrients incomplete, watermelon eating more, the more insulin secretion, fat synthesis on strong particularly susceptible to fatty liver, and high insulin, hungry soon, it will lead to sharpen hungry, more hungry, eat more, the final result is particularly vulnerable to fat, but can not play a role in weight loss. Some people lose weight eat dinner too little, coupled with night time workers is a major exercise, sleep and relatively late, so often difficult to sleep hungry, the formation of the night would have “snacks” to fall asleep. But how can both eat satiety, not fattening it? Fried chicken, pot, beer, these are merely “fashionable” on the tongue, is decidedly unhealthy. If the night is too hungry, we might eat low energy density foods, such as fruits and replaced the vegetables, cucumber, tomato, radish, healthy and satiety.

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