Hair loss is very serious how should I do?


For hair loss for this child, how much is it serious? To the most simple standard, hair loss. In most reported in the article look agree that under normal circumstances, as long as no more than 100 daily hair loss are normal. If hair loss more than 100 a day, and lasted more than two months, which can be diagnosed with alopecia. Many reasons for hair loss, including congenital, genetic, immunological, chemical, seasonal and other reasons. In addition to genetic and pathological factors, the current phenomenon is mainly caused by mental stress hair loss, irregular schedules, unhealthy diet. If severe hair loss, but not to the extent of hair loss, in addition to uncontrollable factors such as individual differences, would like to improve on a whim to try to adjust under mental stress, irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet and the like lifestyle. Still have high pressure every day, do not make good eating and sleeping, that what can not stop hair loss. The main component of hair is a fish called prion protein, which consists of proteins and copper, iron, zinc and other trace elements, and if excessive dieting for weight loss, inadequate intake of these nutrients will, hair will appear malnourished and off. So, you can not lose weight over oh. Many diseases that can lead people to lose their hair or hair loss increases, the primary disease cured naturally solves the problem of hair loss. Iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism, scalp diseases and fungal infections, lupus and other diseases is caused hair loss.

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