Perfume too strong causing headaches


Induced headache for many reasons, in addition to a number of diseases, living in some bad habits can also cause headaches. Over the weekend to relax. Sudden transition from high tension to fully relaxed state, headaches may find the door. When relaxed, the body’s stress hormone levels drop. Vascular contraction and expansion continued in the release of chemical substances that cause pain. Therefore, the usual attention to relieve stress, avoid overnight weekend fun, not excessive labor and Yi, will make the brain more easily. Spray perfume too strong. Often thick body spray perfume or newly renovated home in the release of pungent odor, if you are very sensitive to these, the nervous system will react violently, induced headaches. Quick to anger, not only fiery atmosphere, but also to his brain pressure, because people are angry, neck and scalp muscles are more tense, taut spring feeling this will eventually spread to the surrounding brain, cause headaches. Pressure is one of the important causes of headaches, such as debugging improperly may also form a migraine. People under pressure of time, the muscles around the neck and shoulders will become tense, thus delaying the blood flow and causes the accumulation of waste within the organization, may cause more severe headache and dizziness.

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