Exercise rhabdomyolysis explanation


Sports rhabdomyolysis is caused due to excessive exercise muscle damage, often seen in young adults around the age of 20, clinical manifestations of muscle pain, swelling, weakness, brown urine, a serious cause of acute renal failure. The doctor explained that some people usually lack of exercise, no physical activity before, after school to increase the amount of exercise, muscle can not afford to give it pressure. Doctors advise that young people exercise should be gradual and capabilities, not a sudden overdose. Especially in long-distance running, squats, chin-muscle abnormalities occur soreness after these upward movement, if there is urine becomes less darken, the body swelling and other symptoms are likely to be more serious rhabdomyolysis, they should immediately go to the hospital. Young people usually have to appropriate some physical exercise, after making sports to get more rest, drink plenty of water, more urination, promote the body myoglobin discharge.

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