Your body enough alright


Test1: Your balance good enough?
Arranged around the feet stand in a straight line, with one foot after toe against the heel of one foot in front, hands naturally hang down at your sides, then closed his eyes and in the hearts of a few silent 10 digits. If during your body shaking, it shows you the balance is not good enough, need to strengthen the balance exercise, otherwise in their daily walk, you are likely to force the uneven ankle and knee injuries, over time will cause the spine strain.
Improvement: an opportunity to adopt “foot stand” posture exercise your balance, the time when brushing your teeth, watching TV all the time can take advantage of.
Test2: your hearing good enough?
Let a friend standing a meter away from you, back to you and talking to you, if you can hear clearly what he said, it means you do not have a problem hearing. Then you can be a little more difficult, turn on the TV to create some disturbance, if you can still hear clearly what he said, it shows your hearing well. But if you do not turn on the TV in the case had not hear what he was saying, that your hearing has been damaged, of which a large part of the reason is that you usually use headphones when the volume too high.
Improvement: usually watch TV, listen to music, the volume to 60% below the maximum volume, especially when using headphones should pay more attention to control the volume. And, preferably coated can be isolated from outside noise is easy to damage the inner ear headphones instead of the built-in headphones.
Test3: your pelvis healthy enough?
Sitting in a chair with both feet on the same horizontal plane, observe their knees are the same height? Then lie on your back on the floor, relax the lower extremities, ask a friend to help you around the ankle tilt observation is consistent? If the answer is no , it means that you have a certain degree of pelvic distortion. In fact, because most women are wearing high heels or a long-term shoulder carrying of heavy backpack caused a slight deformation of the pelvis.
Improvement: usually wear flat shoes, and to consult a fitness trainer, ask him to help you to develop training programs. Assured deformed pelvis slightly more than 80% through proper exercise can be repaired.
Test4: your breathing efficiency high enough?
Single hand holding a lit candle, and then the arm straight, try to use breath to blow out the candle. If you can not blow out the candles, you’re relatively shallow breathing, breathing efficiency is not high enough, the body cells may often be in a state of insufficient oxygen supply.
Improvement: Swimming is activated in lung function, increased lung capacity, one of the most effective ways to improve breathing efficiency. In addition, daily life, but also multi-use diaphragmatic breathing to improve breathing efficiency. To learn to be gentle, slow, smooth breathing, do not pause between breathing, consistent length, while paying attention to the breath and inhale the force uniform, and feel the ups and downs of the diaphragm.
Test6: your spine healthy enough?
To maintain normal posture standing, adjust the body to a relaxed state, and then asked people respectively from the left side and right side of your face as you take a sideways each photo. From the photo, the head should be your shoulder in a straight line, rather than forward or backward tilt. Your shoulders should be in a straight line with the ears. Also, the lower half of your back should have a certain arc inward, but not too large curvature. If the actual situation on the photo does not meet the above criteria, it shows bad your standing posture, it will not only affect your appearance, temperament, it will lead to spinal strain and even nerve, causing dizziness, headache, sore shoulders and a series of health problems.
Improvement: in addition to the corresponding picture improved standing, but also to do some sort spine stretching exercises: standing in the doorway, with his hands were caught on the door frame 9:00 and 3:00 position, the forward tilt of the body as possible, repeated several times; then his hands were moving to a position 11:00 and 1:00 on the door, and then leaning forward as far as possible, repeated several times.


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