Analysis bedtime antihypertensive drugs


Some older people taking blood pressure medicine before going to sleep, woke up the next day I felt dizziness, fatigue, severe cases may also appear inarticulate and other symptoms of ischemic stroke. This is because people sleep blood pressure drop than the original 15% to 20%, 0 to 3 o’clock midnight for circadian minimum. Some older people worry at night or early morning accident on the service once again given a free hand in bedtime antihypertensive drugs, resulting in sudden drop in blood pressure, coupled with already low blood pressure at night, so that slows cerebral blood flow, reduce blood viscosity degree increase in cerebral blood supply shortfalls, if the elderly with concomitant atherosclerotic vascular wall, the height of the carotid artery stenosis and plaque, can easily lead to cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction. Therefore, do not advocate for the elderly plus antihypertensive drugs before going to sleep, it is recommended to take up to 24 hours of long-term effects of antihypertensive drugs, usually once every morning suits.

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