Skin diseases caused by mental stress


Control the nerves in the skin by the brain, if the spirit is not good or long-term nervous, fear, depression, can cause stress reaction of the body, or even endocrine dysfunction, resulting in skin blood circulation poor, inadequate supply of nutrition, make the skin resistance to drop, appear a series of skin problems, such as: acne, eczema, urticaria, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases, will be because of mental stress, excessive fatigue, lifestyle changes and other reasons aggravated or induced. On the other hand, skin disease easy to attack again, the patients were rash, itching and other repeated problems, serious when can not be normal rest and work, disrupted the rhythm of life, further leading to exacerbations, forming a vicious spiral. Many people to the middle-aged hair loss will appear, the skin disease especially in the male body. Too much stress or trauma, hormone sharply increased to blood circulation problems, so that hair loss. Only when we psychological conditions return to normal, the re growth of hair will.

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