Eating a delicious salad After fitness


Most healthy fruit salad and vegetables must be eaten fresh vegetables? Of course not! “Raw and cooked mash” is the smart way to enjoy vegetables delicious correct. There nutritionist, said some of the same kind of food nutrients will be strengthened by the high temperatures, but other nutrients will suffer damage due to high temperatures, such as vitamin B1, B2 and C are water soluble, one when the temperature is easily lost. Carrot, for example, when eaten raw vitamin C is the most abundant, but it allows you to eat cooked richer carotene absorption. Cabbage, cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce, onion, celery and other raw is better. Which fruits and vegetables for raw? Not only can obtain raw carrot vitamin C, as well as oily solution, to help digestion. Raw mix taste fresh lettuce, crisp such as cucumber, not only delicious and nutritious. Ganliang crisp raw cucumber. Tomatoes nutritious, can be eaten raw vitamin C, Pickle sweet, when coupled with raw sugar, the taste will be more beautiful. Celery is a higher nutritional value of vegetables, particularly rich in vitamin P, protect blood vessels and antihypertensive effect, raw effect is a plus. Beneficial to the human body protein salt discharge of water, thereby eliminating the edema. Longer to digest protein, giving lasting satiety, not easy to feel hungry. Protein inhibits adipogenesis promoting hormones, reduce fat production. The most important is that the protein does not become not disappear heat accumulation in the body, and wherein the temperature rise due to 30% consumed. Adding the right amount of protein in salads, salad can improve the taste, so the salad easier entrance; secondly, increase satiety protein, plus fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, more satiety, food intake can be controlled intake; addition, the protein also plays a role in the salad balanced nutrition.

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