Refrigerator where to put the most vulnerable to the risk of


In general, many families will put the refrigerator in the kitchen, so it is easy to access food. But there are some families will refrigerator in the living room, bedroom or even inside, which is very undesirable. Because the refrigerator work will produce intense radiation, there is great harm to the body. Around the refrigerator can be seen as a high magnetic field, especially when the refrigerator work. Research shows that the refrigerator is running, the heat pipes beneath the rear or the release of the magnetic field is 1-9mG, Founder of the central post is up 300mG. If the effect of insufficient working refrigerator, buzzing sound, long-lasting and large, at this time the refrigerator is to produce strong radiation of the most serious, it needs to be maintained on the refrigerator. Electric generating radiation is a normal phenomenon, the phone will produce radiation, but some radiation is strong, some weak radiation Bale. The refrigerator, the refrigerator so it is best not to be in the living room or bedroom, the kitchen is best. Then, the heat pipe should regularly check the refrigerator, clean the dust, improve the efficiency of the refrigerator, the refrigerator can effectively reduce the radiation generated.

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