Five ways to make yourself a spiritual trip


1 in bed reading a book. This is a best way to let yourself get lost, it will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to face anything outdoors. Your bed is the most warm, cozy, peaceful place, in this luxurious place, lost in a good book, and is a perfect way to forget their troubles.

2 Imagine relaxing. Sneak stolen, close your eyes, relax enjoy your imagination to make things like the warm sun spilled into the sound emitted warm on your skin, listening ear, sound waves, and loved ones picking up together with sea shells. Back to the one you feel calm and relaxed scene and focus on the systemic release of unpleasant emotions are out.

3 see photos recall a happy time. The dinner with friends or family vacation photos interesting photos are kept up an album in a series. Will then look at these old photos are all situations that come to your memory inside. Spend some quiet moments to remember, you will find you are more relaxed than before, a lot of good mood.

4 Look out the window. Allow yourself to focus on the scenery instead of those things you have been tangled. Holding a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea, close the door and enjoy the birds fly free to see the blue sky, give yourself a few minutes to be a pipe dream.

5 Listen to a relaxation CD. You might like to listen to the birds, the waves rolling or is it morning dew dripping sound, listen to the soothing music, do some deep breathing can help you with relaxation, decompression.


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