Diabetic patients how to spend the autumn


Diabetes is not terrible, terrible is caused by complications. Consequences of complications caused by diabetes is very serious. Such as foot disease, kidney disease, eye disease, encephalopathy, heart disease, skin diseases, such as diabetes is the most common complication of diabetes is a major factor leading to exacerbation. So is the basis of glycemic control to prevent complications is the key. The key is to prevent complications in recent years, propolis products are the first choice of many sugar Friends. Propolis has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, enhance immunity, lowering blood sugar, blood fat, accelerate the effectiveness of many tissue regeneration and wound healing, diabetes is the most suitable material. But this kind of propolis products are not a substitute for antidiabetic drugs, can only assist in regulating blood sugar, high drop offset. Taking hypoglycemic agents are the basis for the work of the anti-sugar, essential in life. Type 1 diabetes patients should stick with intensive insulin therapy. Because Type 1 diabetes must not itself produce insulin, the body will not be able to without insulin glucose into energy. Therefore, in patients with type 1 diabetes require lifelong use of external insulin therapy. Older patients may also be added with metformin or arc-glucosidase inhibitor. Type 2 diabetes in general use antidiabetic drugs while you may be able to reduce insulin resistance in combination with a smooth control of blood sugar in insulin-sensitizing agent. Insulin sensitizers can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, protect islet β cells, enhance the hypoglycemic activity of insulin to reduce insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes effectively curb the “source”, so as to achieve a lasting and stable glycemic control purposes.

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