Most people who suffer from insomnia and mood related


Insomnia are long-term in nature, if there are more than three days one week, lying in bed unable to sleep for half an hour, they belong to sleep. And insomnia is divided difficulty falling asleep, sleep disruption, early awakening and so on. Insomnia is probably caused by three factors, one is due to diseases caused by physical; another and emotions, such as anxiety, depression, etc.; because there is a biological clock disorder, sometimes tune, however. In addition to the body’s own disease, most people insomnia related to emotions. When working too hard, not liking things appear to work and emotional life, it will lead to insomnia. “The key lies in the treatment of insomnia such emotional adjustment. This adjustment is multifaceted, through psychotherapy, such as self-grooming, see a psychiatrist, etc. Another is medication only solve emotional problems, sleep problems will be improved. “” In the evening it is difficult to sleep, tossing and turning in bed is best not to, because it will be more anxious, but also affect the sleep cycle. really difficult to sleep when you can turn on a lamp, in the light of static sit quietly while. “experts say, in order to help sleep, a cup of hot milk in public before going to sleep, try not to drink coffee and strong tea these irritating things.

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