Injury to the skin bad habits


Excessive pursuit of low-fat diet will reduce the skin quality. Too strict low-fat diet can cause dry skin, leading to premature aging of skin. Fat is an essential nutrient to maintain healthy skin, you can keep the skin moisture and elasticity. Intake of essential fatty acids from fish oil, eggs and vegetables, is extremely important to keep the skin healthy. Hot water will wash the skin capillaries become weak. The study found that about 25 degrees with warm water than cold water to wash your face, sebum film even more dry, the higher the temperature the more likely to lose the protection of grease. Many people think that the longer the face mask deposited on time, more adequate nutrient absorption. In fact, any residence time in the face mask is not that more than 15 minutes, after the paper mask to dry, it will absorb moisture from the skin while blocking the natural ingredients and skin contact with moist air; in the face has been covered mask, make pores as airtight as wearing masks, affect nutrient absorption and normal secretion of oil, causing allergies.

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