Increase the amount of exercise cannot lower blood sugar


During the winter, will be high blood sugar in people with diabetes than in other seasons. There are some older people, because the relationship between metabolism slows down, there will be high blood sugar. Research shows that exercise can play a role in lowering blood sugar. Exercise diabetics control blood sugar levels is an important part. After 30 minutes of exercise, such as, blood glucose can be reduced 12-16%. Clinical studies have found that exercise can reduce insulin consumption, reduce the excessive burden of islet cells, thereby enhancing clinical efficacy. Moreover, obese diabetes and external injection of insulin itself is not sensitive so that by the movement of the weight loss can improve insulin sensitivity of cells, reducing the blood glucose level of the body, so that the amount of insulin is reduced. By the movement of people with diabetes also enables enhanced resistance to various diseases. Regular exercise diabetes can control the disease and reduce complications, but will react after excessive exercise hypoglycemia, low blood sugar can occur within 2 to 12 hours after exercise, even within 24 hours. Exercise intensity, the longer the duration, the greater the time range of hypoglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia if you always sustained, the average blood glucose levels naturally fluctuate, but not good for hypoglycemic. High-intensity exercise for younger onset diabetes, the need for better fitness and muscle and joint conditions, pre-exercise warm-up activities should be prepared to prevent sports injuries. In the post-exercise muscle relaxation should also be noted. And do not underestimate diabetes such as shopping, chatting while walking up and down stairs, housework, drive a car and other low-intensity exercise. Long low-intensity exercise time, add up, will consume considerable energy, have a positive effect on glycemic control. Favorable changes in 60 hours after exercise is stopped, blood sugar and blood lipids, including improved insulin sensitivity will disappear, so in order to control the postprandial blood glucose, the best daily exercise, even after each meal sports (mostly low-intensity exercise).

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