Magical kitchen fitness movement


1, entered the kitchen may wish to stand up against the wall in a short while, head, shoulder, arm and the heel close to the wall, enabling the formation of a beautiful body. 2, if from a height to take things from both sides, hands slowly lift, lift on two arms, palm relative, tiptoe stand up, look at the hands of. This station for a while and then take things. 3, from the lower extract, straight waist, knees squat, stand up again, 3 times in a row, don’t stoop to take things. 4, long time chopping, kneading feel hands acid bilges, can take a moment arms, relax muscles, quick shake hands. 5, when cooking, can use a moment, the palm of your hand behind the occiput, elbows as far as possible after the exhibition; in Coffee, boil soup or baked cakes need long time waiting idle, do a lower bending in the kitchen.Although the kitchen fitness is not strength, but it can very effectively stretch the body, eliminate fatigue, but also to the kitchen to wash the dishes, fitness and cooking together, not only can keep fit and can increase the fun of cooking. Hope that the above fitness movement of workers can help, so that they can be fitness, cooking two not mistake!

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