Put a little honey licorice water can relieve chronic gastritis


Honey contains acetylcholine, which acts on the parasympathetic, can promote gastrointestinal motility. In addition, honey also contains many oligosaccharides, can promote beneficial human gastrointestinal microbial growth, which can inhibit the metabolism of beneficial microorganisms harmful microbial growth, maintaining gastrointestinal micro-ecological balance. Modern medical study found that licorice also have some anti-ulcer effect, can inhibit gastric acid secretion, gastric acid in the stomach and lower direct adsorption gastric acidity, increased gastric mucosal cells has spermine ingredients to protect the gastric mucosa, so that will not be harmed. So ulcer and duodenal ulcer patients can take licorice honey water. It should be noted that different patients with stomach, take honey methods and time are also different. Hyperacidity or hypertrophic gastritis, especially in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers, and one hour before meals should be eaten warm honey water, so can inhibit gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing gastric irritation, ulcers in favor healing; while patients achlorhydria or atrophic gastritis, preferably immediately after eating honey drink cold water. Recommended that patients with chronic gastritis Jijiu first quit, try to avoid too sour, too spicy, spicy food and cold non-digestible food. Secondly, when you eat slowly, so full of food mixed with saliva, help digestion and reduce stomach irritation. Finally, we must caution against gastric damage drugs.

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