Common mouth disease


1, inflamed gums
This is a typical symptom of gingivitis, some people will be accompanied by bleeding, serious cause tooth loose and fell off. Prevention is the best strategy, so sooner or later brushing and flossing your teeth, especially at bedtime, to reduce the accumulation of dental plaque. Every six months to one year, a dental cleaning, preventive dental plaque becomes tartar.

2, cold sores
Grown in small blisters on or around the lips, highly contagious, mainly in the human resistance colds, fever, menstrual period, such as drop period. Cold sores can close contact with infected by kissing or sharing utensils with the infected person. Although cold sores can disappear within a few days, but the taste is very upset, you can use a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline coated in some of the above, and try to avoid the sun and wind. But if repeated attacks, need to go to hospital.

3, oral ulcers
Any part of the mouth it could be attacked, the general shape of a white raised blisters, accompanied by pain. Causes mouth ulcers for many reasons, such as allergies, infections, fatigue or lack of vitamins, usually lasts a week or two can heal, but if the long duration, recurrent necessary and timely medical treatment. Usually more gargle with salt water, can effectively prevent mouth ulcers. Beware: What kind of mouth ulcers easy cancerous?

4, thrush
Caused by a fungal infection white patches, like the layers of snow, mainly in the cheek tongue, soft palate and the mucous membranes of the lips, infants and young children are most vulnerable to infection. Teat disinfection is not complete, kids love to bite your finger, breastfeeding, mother’s nipples are dirty source of infection. In addition, long-term use of antibiotics in the elderly are also susceptible. The best sick to the hospital after the oral comprehensive examination.

5, oral leukoplakia

The most direct oral response to external stimuli, fitting dentures, smoke, wind and sun may cause long-term this oral disease. Mainly in the lips, tongue, gums and tongue, no discomfort early, if erosion or ulceration occurs, there will be a strong sense of pain, but if it continues to deteriorate, thickened plaques sudden rapid increase, then we should be particularly careful , may be a signal of precancerous lesions


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