Sticky saliva how to return a responsibility?


Saliva to maintain oral health status for a very important role indeed. Reduced saliva secretion, would affect oral self-cleaning effect, will affect their daily lives, such as occurs speech, chewing and swallowing difficulties. Common causes of sticky saliva into the mouth of systemic and local factors of two factors. The most common systemic factors for dry mouth syndrome, its risk factors is not clear, may be associated with viral infections, genetic and hormone abnormalities. Sticky saliva for the treatment of systemic factors, mainly for symptomatic treatment generally, you can use artificial saliva, saliva agent can also use reminders, promote secretion of saliva, and actively prevent caries, but also necessary immunomodulatory therapy; For local sticky saliva factors, the main treatment for the cause, such as controlling salivary gland inflammation, removal of salivary stone, while paying attention to maintaining oral hygiene, massage salivary glands, and promote saliva discharge. Through therapy, a lot of saliva sticky problem can be cured. Therefore, if there sticky saliva, and can not relieve itself, should go to the hospital diagnosed, targeted treatment according to the cause.

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