How long the most appropriate day to sleep


People record their every day while on vacation probably sleep for a few hours. The body will adjust itself during the holidays, the end of the holidays (it normally takes more than five days), your body will adjust to the general nature of the sleep mode, this time at night to sleep a few hours, it should be is an ideal fit your body needs sleep. You can calculate the average weekday sleep time and sleep time on weekends, their grasp of an appropriate period of time. Experts remind people that, once calculated how much sleep they need, they should develop a work schedule, determined by its execution. First, go to bed on time every day. Generally speaking, the best time to sleep is 21:00 to 11:00. In case of late it is difficult to ensure adequate sleep, but the skin is very unfavorable. The best natural sleep, wake up naturally. If you need alarm clock to wake you up, it should also be set at a fixed time, which will help adjust your body clock. In addition, the daytime nap should be controlled within 45 minutes. This time is sufficient to help you restore energy, if the time is too long, you will still wake up feeling dizzy, but also affect sleep at night. If you want to have a healthy sleep, may wish to try the following methods to ensure adequate sleep time under the circumstances. Bedtime to avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, with hot milk or herbal tea instead.

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