Bad stomach three fruits should be avoided


People eat bad stomach Hawthorn, Hawthorn may lead to excessive eating stomach stones. Because of the high hawthorn tannic acid content of pectin and easily condensed into water-insoluble after exposure to acid precipitation, and food scraps and other sticking together to form stones in the stomach, the stones can cause ulcers, stomach bleeding, stomach and even necrosis and perforation. But the Hawthorn cooked food will reduce the impact of tannins. Fresh dates should not eat too much, otherwise it will hurt the stomach. Because of the high content of dietary fiber jujube, a high intake will stimulate the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Most dietary fiber present in jujube Zaopi rather jujube Zaopi thin hard, very sharp edge, if there is inflammation or gastric ulcer just will aggravate the pain and discomfort. A lot of vitamin C and pectin components contained in kiwi will increase stomach acid, increasing the burden on the stomach, resulting in abdominal pain, heartburn, heartburn and other symptoms, the symptoms will increase when the weather is cold. In the current season, so cold, stomach patients should eat less or eat kiwi.

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