Should draw attention to the physical changes


Most likely seborrheic keratosis (i.e. seborrheic warts), a waxy mass which may appear alone, or may generate aggregate usually occur on the face, chest, shoulders or back; Another possibility is a soft fiber tumors (skin tags), often in the neck, armpits, or other skin bra bottom part folds places. These two are produced with age benign lumps, do not worry, if you feel unsightly, can also be considered a doctor removed. Face a long spot which may be the result of sunburn. UV will dilate capillaries, so that the skin produces red spots or melanoma. Spot treatment of sunburn can cause Vitamin A acid, antioxidants and chemical whitening agent is a combination of methods, but it is best used under the guidance of a doctor. Some drugs may also make the skin susceptible to sunlight, resulting in heavier spots, such as antibiotics or sulfonylureas. Another frequent in the female face of gray-brown patches of melasma, this is no health hazard, can be used to dilute the stain certain prescription creams. Hands trembling due to lack of sleep or excessive intake of caffeine-induced. Fatigue and caffeine (including drug containing the ingredient) can cause trembling hands and arms. Try to rest or reduce caffeine, see if you can relieve symptoms. Some drugs can also cause upper body trembling: bronchodilators, such as albuterol, immunosuppressive agents such as cyclosporine, as well as anti-epileptic drugs, consult a doctor to adjust the dose. In addition, his hands trembling most simple reason is that excessive stress and cold.

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