Potatoes lose weight or gain weight


Scientists found that eating fries every extra person, within four years, the average weight gain of 3.4 pounds. And overall, an extra potato, regardless of cooking in any way, in four years, the average weight gain of 1.3 pounds. In fact, there will be the result, the problem is not in the potato body, but after the addition of potatoes. Unlike potato itself has a sweet potato itself no taste, it is mostly in the cooking process adds a delicious feed, plus butter from the most simple baked potato, or direct oil cooked; into potato cream Bancheng mud, as a salad plus eating a lot of salad dressing mixing; direct fried fries; even now very popular, plus a lot of grilled cheese finished sauce, ham, tuna and other kinds of sauces (some flaunt skin also eat potatoes or fried …… in fact), so the key factor is how your food potatoes. If you add a lot of material or cooking oil down, then it is fat potato reasons, if only it used to eat soup or grilled, then it is regarded as weight loss helper.

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