Autumn skin care


Time in the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet rays have irreversible damage to the skin, anti-free radical skin becomes weak, metabolism naturally slows down skin cell color deepened, it will form a yellowish complexion. Secondly, if not promptly cleaned out the accumulation of greasy dirt surface of the skin, aging skin, can also affect the underlying skin luster of refraction, the skin becomes yellowish; addition, if inadvertently used poor quality skin care products, such as allowing skin exposure to lead and other harmful chemicals tribute, but will also add yellow on dark complexion. In addition to thoroughly clean makeup every day, but also the use of effective skincare white complexion. To choose quickly effective against melanoma, brightens the complexion. To choose quickly effective against melanoma, brightens the complexion, very safe whitening ingredient. After cleansing, wipe Whitening Toner with a cotton pad, you can play the role of whitening moisturizer, but also secondary cleaning, removal of dirt on his face. Then, apply the whitening essence, whitening Toner soaked piece of cotton presses in yellow gas with special emphasis on cheeks, stay 30 seconds or more, can strengthen the absorption of whitening cream. After some time, you will be able to witness the true bright white skin.

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